March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.  Kenneth Brown, M.D., encourages everyone to spread the word, that colorectal cancer is one of the most treatable cancers when caught early.  The key is to get screened in a timely manner, which typically is all persons age 50 or over and those age 40 or over with a family history of polyps or cancer.  Since the U.S. has a low participation of colorectal cancer screenings Dr. Brown decided to create a video of his own Colonoscopy, so that he could provide commentary during the procedure addressing common concerns.  “Hopefully this video will show that Colonoscopy is a painless and easy procedure.  If one person schedules a Colonoscopy as a result of seeing the video then it’s worth the effort,” said Dr. Kenneth Brown.


Some of the key takeaways Dr. Brown wants viewers of the video to grasp about a Colonoscopy are:

•    This is a painless procedure.  Although Dr. Brown did the procedure without any anesthesia, patients are sedated.
•    The procedure is very private. The staff is not staring at your bottom; most of your body is completely covered.  Instead, all eyes are focused on the screen.
•    The screening is done in order to detect and remove cancerous polyps.
•    The colonoscopy procedure takes only 20-30 minutes to perform.
•    The video will give first-hand perspective of what it’s like to get a colonoscopy.
•    The colonoscopy prep is the most important part.  Patients need to follow instructions and do this well.

“I encourage those that have viewed the video to share it or this blog with friends and family, so that together we can STOP COLON CANCER NOW!” said Kenneth Brown, M.D.

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