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Listen along as Kenneth Brown, MD discusses how to keep your gut in check. The Gut Check Project podcast is a new podcast that will cover a variety of digestive health topics including food, leaky gut, inflammation, new research and a variety of both natural and pharmaceutical treatment options to name a few. You can subscribe using iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher by clicking the appropriate icon below!

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Episode 1 – Welcome to the Gut Check Project (GCP)!

We gotta start somewhere! Learn a little about Ken Brown, MD, his co-host Eric Rieger, and a little bit on why the GCP came to be…

Episode 2 – Shawn Bryans – The Landscape of Consumer Cannabis

Shawn discusses the current status of running a cannabis operation, the therapeutic differences of CBD, THC-A, THC (etc.)  

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Episode 3 –Adipiscing elit – Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit

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