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Listen along as Kenneth Brown, MD discusses how to keep your gut in check. The Gut Check Project podcast is a new podcast that will cover a variety of digestive health topics including food, leaky gut, inflammation, new research and a variety of both natural and pharmaceutical treatment options to name a few. You can subscribe using iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher by clicking the appropriate icon below!

Featured Podcast Episodes

Episode 9 – Jay Yepuri, MD (CMO Riduzone) and Rachel Scheer (Nutritionist)

Dr. Yepuri and Rachel Scheer join the GCP to talk about a a new way to reach beyond the scope of the gastroenterology clinic!

Episode 8 – Chris Husong – Hemp Market Expert (Elixinol)

Chris Husong joins the Gut Check Project to discuss with Dr. Brown the future in CBD research and truth in marketing for an emerging industry.

Recent Episodes

Episode 11 – Rick Moore – Owner of RedBud Medical MJ Dispensary. The “Josh of Some Trades”, Ric is a former professional photographer of models, a trained comedian (although he doesn’t do it), a pilot, a business owner, and just a great conversationalist!

Episode 10 – Robo Hendrickson – Co-founder of Full Bucket Health. A veterinary supplements business with an altruistic mission of giving nutritional supplements to animals owned by impoverished families worldwide. Learn how this mission became a business helping thousands of animals.

Episode 7 – Dr. Wade McKenna – Stem Cell Therapy. Dr. McKenna joins Dr. Brown to tell you what the future holds for Stem Cell therapy, issues with the FDA, imposters in the public, etc…

Episode 6 – Joy Beckerman – Hemp Expert Explains CBD Landscape. Joy discusses 2018 Farm Bill, what it means for CBD, where will research impact law and more!

Episode 5 – James Carroll, CEO of Thor Pharmaceuticals. We cover Macular Degeneration, wound healing, pain relief, so much more!

Episode 4 – Marc Semmelman, the only survivor from his type of cancer. His journey to giving back with his new lease on life!

Episode 3 – Chef Patrick Mosher gives tips on how to pair food to make healthy food more appetizing and in his involvement in the CBD industry.

Episode 2 – Shawn Bryans – The Landscape of Consumer Cannabis. Shawn discusses the current status of running a cannabis operation, the therapeutic differences of CBD, THC-A, THC (etc.)

Episode 1 – Welcome to the Gut Check Project (GCP)! Learn a little about Ken Brown, MD, his co-host Eric Rieger, and a little bit on why the GCP came to be…

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