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Featured Podcast Episodes

Episode 77 – Socializing and Relationship Building are Critical to Your Health

You, as a human, are by nature a social creature. That doesn’t just mean that you have the ability to meet people and congregate. In fact, it is ESSENTIAL that you seek and develop bonds with other humans. Your very health depends upon it. But how exactly does this work? And what will it do for you? Join Ken & Eric on the GCP for some socializing and friend-making!

Episode 68 – Atrantil-Pro Reveal

Atrantil-PRO is over 2.5 years in the making. This show is a massive reveal for our company (KBS, the parent of Atrantil) to explain why you should be excited to learn what Atrantil-PRO is. Several previous episodes have addressed polyphenols, probiotics, the gut-brain axis, systemic inflammation, and so much more. Now Arantil-PRO is possibly a solution that you can learn more about and decide if it is right for you. Join Ken & Eric on the Gut Check Project.

Recent Episodes

Episode 78 – Vibi+ water

You know the importance of fiber, right? So many digestive issues could be improved or avoided with the right amount of fiber. But where do you get enough? Can great-tasting WATER be a source of fiber? Join Ken and Martin Ruette (founder of Vibi+ fiber water) as they discuss Martin’s WHY and PURPOSE to help others avoid what he went through.

Episode 76 – Fasting to Achieve Increased Longevity

Have you voluntarily avoided eating for a purpose? To “fast” is to do precisely that. From water fasts of no food for multiple days to intermittent fasting by only consuming all of tour daily calories within a specific amount of time each day, there are tangible benefits for someone that implements fasting as a part of health maintenance. Join Ken & Eric as they discuss the many avenues of fasting and what health gains you can achieve on the GCP!

Episode 75 – What is “Longevity”, exactly?

Living long is not the same as living well, comfortably, and healthy. Lifespan should be best matched with your HEALTHSPAN. Join Ken & Eric on the GCP to kick off this topic as they break down the categories and pillars of healthspan and longevity today!

Episode 74 – Rich Hagedorn and Soldier Valley Spirits

In episode 74, we have Rich Hagedorn, a 25-year combat veteran, senior non-commissioned officer, inductee to the Nebraska national guard Hall of Fame, and most importantly, a childhood friend of Dr. Brown’s from over 40 years ago. We are honored on the Gut check project to have a combat veteran who now is the co-owner of a business that gives back to less fortunate veterans.

Episode 73 – Croatia: Altruism & Humanity in Business

Shouldn’t businesses have your best interest for their services? How do good companies stay grounded to sound principles? Ken & Eric have been members of a group that facilitates building these opportunities and relationships throughout the year. Join the GCP as these two shed some light on their most recent meeting in Croatia with Baby Bathwater Institute!

Episode 72 – Swapping Poop: Fecal Microbial Transplants (FMT)

“Gimme your poo!” Not a typical request, but the evidence is mounting regarding using other people’s healthy fecal matter to heal the sick. It’s officially called Fecal Microbial Transplant (FMT), and it may sound wild, but some direct results have demonstrated success. So clean off the bottoms of your shoes and be careful as you step into this episode of the GCP with Ken & Eric.

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