Atrantil – Background Story

In 2010, I was doing clinical research for pharmaceutical companies on new IBS drugs. This work involved a lot of interaction with various researchers and during this time one of the researchers, Dr. Mark Pimentel, expressed his concern that the antibiotics he was working on would not be able to help those patients that have bacterial overgrowth with constipation.

His reasoning was that when you have constipation you’re producing methane gas, and methane slows everything down in the intestines. Unfortunately, our modern-day antibiotics don’t affect the organism that’s producing the methane, which is called an archaebacter. Dr. Pimentel’s explanation made sense and explained why the patients in our trials with these symptoms were not getting better.

The “Aha Moment”

One day during this period, I was in my office illustrating on my dry erase board this whole process of methane production and realized that if we can figure out how to stop this methane then we can really help a lot  people. That’s when my research manager, Brandi Scott, came into my office and I explained to her why the antibiotics we were testing were unsuccessful due to not being able to stop the methane production by the archeabacteria.

Brandi had previously spent some time writing policy for a senator in Iowa and she let me know that she had worked on a mandate requiring farmers that they put certain food products in the cattle feed to decrease the methane production in the cattle. That was my “Aha Moment”… if I can use the agricultural industry research to learn how to decrease methane product in humans, I’ll have a natural solution to the problem that will help millions of people.

How does Atrantil Work?

Atrantíl uses natural botanical extracts to remove unwanted bacteria from the gut in a 3-step process. This helps to provide relief from uncomfortable bloating and abdominal discomfort while protecting your overall digestive health.

Here’s how it works:

  1. First, Peppermint Leaf (M. balsamea Willd extract)calms the small bowel. This gives Atrantíl’s two other botanicals the right amount of time to work most effectively.
  2. Next, Flavonoids from Quebracho extract (a South American hardwood tree) soak up hydrogen and create an unfriendly environment for the archaebacteria. They weaken the cell walls—setting the stage for Atrantíl’s third botanical.
  3. Finally, the third ingredient, a natural antibacterial from Conker Tree extract, binds to the reductase enzyme in the weakened archaebacteria—stopping the methane production.