The number of patients being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis is growing each year. Because of this, pharmaceutical companies are working hard to develop the next breakthrough drug. There are always new treatments on the horizon; however, they are in various stages of the clinical development process. Anytime there is a new drug it has to be approved by the FDA, whether it is a brand new compound or a new formulation of a drug already approved by the FDA.

In fact, right now at my office, we are doing research on a new drug specifically for people who have left-sided ulcerative colitis (UC). This study combines two existing drugs into a combination drug for the treatment of UC. So far we have had terrific results with this new drug and are really excited about it! Since it is still in the clinical trial stage, this drug is not available for prescription and is only available to those enrolled in my study. We are really excited about this particular study, because there is no placebo arm; meaning everyone will get treatment. So far, we have had great results with it and have not seen any side effects.

If you or anyone you know has UC, you know how debilitating this disease can be. Please spread the word if this is something you think you, a friend or loved one might like to try; contact my office to get more information.

I do research in order to bring my patients the newest and best treatment options and only conduct trials I believe in. I am excited to bring this opportunity to you or anyone you may know!

Written by: Kenneth Brown, M.D.

Image credit: Healthwise

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