Today (March 1st) marks the start of colon cancer awareness month. It is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States.    Colon cancer comes from growths called colon polyps.  If these polyps are removed in a timely fashion then this essentially prevents cancer from developing.  That is why we recommend that all persons age 50 or over and those age 40 or over with a family history of polyps or cancer get a screening colonoscopy.   During the painless colonoscopy procedure we remove all polyps so cancer can’t develop.

My staff takes a lot of pride in stopping colon cancer.  That is why they organized a “wear Blue” day to educate people about colon cancer.  Here are some pictures to launch Colon Cancer Awareness Month.   I want to thank my staff at Park Ventura Endoscopy Center for being so passionate about preventing colon cancer.

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