Colonoscopy Prep

Many of my patients in Plano TX complain that the worst part of the colonoscopy process is not the colonoscopy itself, but the day before when you have to clean out the colon, called the colon prep.  It really isn’t as bad as you may have heard, but it is very important that it is done well. I encourage you to view this short video to help with the process.

I realize it may be a little inconvenient and even a little embarrassing, but this is a really important life saving test that allows me to find polyps which could grow into colon cancer if missed.

The first step is to prepare yourself for the process by having easy access to a restroom and gather some reading material because you will be spending some time there. Next, follow the advice in the video and the colonoscopy prep tips below. Regardless of which bowel prep you have, just follow the instructions as written and it should be very effective.

Colonoscopy Prep Tips

Here are a few tips that my staff and I share with patients in Plano TX to make the bowel prep easier:

  • Use hypo-alegenic wipes for comfort.
  • Applying vaseline in between bowel movements works as a good barrier and helps to protect the skin.
  • Add a Crystal Light sweeter to the prep to create a better taste
  • If you get nauseous, take a 30-45 minute break. This will allow your system to settle down and start the prep again.

The bottom line is that the bowel prep is not as bad as you may have heard, and it can save your life. Doing a good job with the bowel prep allows your doctor to clearly see your colon during the colonoscopy, and a better opportunity to find polyps. Good luck and I hope it goes well!

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