What is Atrantil?

Atrantil is a nutraceutical developed to relieve the symptoms of bloating, abdominal discomfort and in some instances constipation.  As a gastroenterologist in Plano TX, I see several people every day that suffer from these frustrating symptoms.  Unfortunately, there is not a treatment available that I can recommend to patients that will treat these symptoms at their source.

What makes Atrantil unique is that it focuses on the bad bacteria that can gather in the gut. By eliminating the bad bacteria in the gut, Atrantil is able to effectively return the digestive environment to its sterile non-combative state.

Atrantil is NOT a probiotic or an anti-biotic.  You do not need a prescription to take Atrantil.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyoOqkz-M68″ align=”center” title=”Learn how Atrantil works and who should take it” description=”Kenneth Brown, MD explains why he created Atrantil, how it works and who should try this natural bloating product. Watch the video if you suffer from bloating or abdominal pain after eating certain foods.” duration=”2M31S” /]

What are the Ingredients in Atrantil?

Atrantil is a nutraceutical made up of a polyphenol, saponin and an anti-spasmodic. These ingredients are natural botanical extracts that already exist in our food supply.

What is a Nutraceutical?

According to the Foundation for Innovation, a nutraceutical is “any substance that may be considered food or part of a food and provided medical or health benefits.  Such products may range from isolated nutrients, dietary supplements and diets to genetically “engineered” foods, herbal products and processed foods such as cereals, soups and beverages.”

Learn How Atrantil Works

To achieve relief from the symptoms of bloating, abdominal discomfort and constipation Atrantil must eliminate the gas-producing bacteria in the gut.  The main ingredients in Atrantil work in synergy to calm the gut and remove the unwanted gas-producing bacteria from your digestive system.

Who should take Atrantil?

Atrantil was developed for individuals suffering from the frustrating symptoms of bloating, abdominal discomfort and constipation. The frequency of symptoms will dictate how often you need to take Atrantil and the length of time needed to experience relief. Begin dosing at 2 capsules of Atrantil, three times a day with food. Relief may take 10-20 days depending on symptoms. Continue until relief from bloating is realized, then consider maintenance dosing to maintain stability and promote overall digestive health.

Since Atrantil was not tested on pregnant women or children, it is not recommended that pregnant women or those under the age of 18 years of age take Atrantil.

Important: Note that Atrantil may require up to 20 days to experience relief. It is recommended that those with a heavy bacteria load consider ordering 2 bottles of Atrantil on their initial order so that they do not have a gap in their treatment cycle while waiting for another order to be shipped.

Does Atrantil have any Side Effects?

In clinical trials, patients experienced no known adverse side effects from taking Atrantil as directed.

The clinical trial results have been published in the Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Research (September 21, 2015 pp.1762-1767) and the World Journal of Gastrointestinal Pharmacology and Therapeutics (August 6, 2016 pp.463-468).

Should I Discuss Taking Atrantil with My Doctor?

Discussing any medication or supplement you are going to take with your physician is always a good idea. You are encouraged to share the Atrantil Healthcare Professional webpage with your physician, so that they can request more information regarding Atrantil and samples. If you or your doctor need any additional information or have a question, it is best to use the Contact Us form on the Atrantil website. Someone from the Atrantil Customer Support Team will respond within one business day.

Does Dr. Brown recommend Atrantil to his Patients?

Absolutely! In clinical trials, Atrantil has been over 88% effective in providing relief from bloating, abdominal discomfort and constipation.

Where can I Buy Atrantil?

Currently, Atrantil is available for purchase at Atrantil.com, Amazon and several Retail Store locations that can be viewed on the Atrantil website.

Atrantil Questions?

UPDATE: I really appreciate all of the questions regarding Atrantil. That being said, if you are in need of a timely response it is best to submit them on the Contact Us form on the Atrantil website. With a busy medical practice I just don’t have enough time to answer all of the questions, and I don’t want anyone to feel ignored or unappreciated.

Who Invented Atrantil?

Kenneth Brown, MD and Brandi Scott-Hoy invented Atrantil. The lack of effective treatments available to provide relief to bloating and abdominal discomfort led us to the development of Atrantil. This journey started with first documenting our theories and then evaluating all available research in both human and animal studies relative to bloating relief. Eventually our research moved from pen and paper to conduction a clinical trial. We’re very proud of being able to offer a natural product to those suffering from bloating, abdominal discomfort and constipation. In the future, we plan to provide further proof of efficacy & safety with additional studies.

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