GERD – Is there a Solution?

Many of my Plano ,TX patients who have Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), or more commonly referred to as acid reflux, complain to me that they continue to have symptoms despite taking their prescribed medications and following the recommend diet. And those who do have improved results, due to medication, usually want a more permanent solution instead of having to take a daily medication for the rest of their lives.

Well, there may now be a solution due to an exciting development in this field. The FDA just approved a new magnetic device called the LINX Device.  It is placed laparoscopically around the lower esophagus, preventing reflux and regurgitation of fluid into the esophagus and proving to be as effective as a PPI.

A study was done for 2 years, following 44 patients who received the LINX Device. It was found that 90% of those patient’s reflux improved enough to be able to stop using medication. The ph on these patients was normalized and most of them no longer had trouble swallowing. Additionally, they found that during the two year time period, the device stayed in place and did not migrate.

This is very exciting because the current common surgical treatments are permanent and do not have good results across the board. For example, the Nissen fundoplication is directly dependant on the surgeon.  Surgeons who don’t do a lot of the Nissen procedures can have worse outcomes than those surgeons who are familiar with this type of surgery. Alternatively, the LINX procedure will be a standard ring that is not permanent.  Thus, if it does not work it can be removed.

Those of you who have reflux, take heart; there are new developments in this field every day. In fact, my research department is currently starting a new study on a reflux drug for those who do not fully respond to PPIs. But with treatments such as the LINX procedure, which would you ratherhave; an effective daily medication or a permanent surgical procedure? Let me know your thoughts.

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