What is an Open Access Colonoscopy?

An Open Access Colonoscopy Procedure is the ability to schedule a colonoscopy procedure without having a prior office visit with the gastroenterologist.  All needed information is taken over the phone, saving the patient time and expense.  Dr. Brown’s goal is to encourage a higher participation rate, making this procedure as accessible and affordable as possible to qualifying patients.

Open Access Colonoscopy Procedure – Saves You Time & Money

What are the AGA Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines?

The current guidelines for a screening colonoscopy are:

  • Anyone age 50 or over
  • Anyone with a family history of polyps or cancer should start at age 40
  • African Americans should have their first colonoscopy at age 45

Is the Colonoscopy Painful?

The colonoscopy is completely painless!  You will be asleep throughout the procedure and most patients wake up very refreshed.

What can I expect if something is found during the Colonoscopy?

If anything abnormal is found during the colonoscopy, we can usually take care of it during the procedure.  For example, the removal of a precancerous polyp is standard during the colonoscopy.   After the colonoscopy, I will personally go over the procedure results with you. If any samples are sent in for pathology, my office will contact you within seven days to go over the results.

How much does a Colonoscopy Cost?

Like many other medical procedures, the cost of a Colonoscopy is determined based upon your insurance. Dr. Brown recommends contacting your insurance provider directly, in order to get a better understanding of the expenses related to the procedure.  If you or your insurance provider should need any clarification from Dr. Brown’s office, please contact us at 972-867-0019.

Update: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced in May 2015 that anesthesia will be covered by insurance as part of preventative colon cancer screening if deemed necessary by your doctor. This is significant since it means that this will not be an additional expense to the patient.


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