My practice likes to help spread the message of colon cancer awareness each March in the DFW area since many are unaware of how preventable this cancer is when detected in early stages.

7 years ago, I created a video of my own colonoscopy without sedation. I did this for three reasons:

  1. To show that colonoscopy is not a painful procedure. Don’t worry, patients will be sedated and will not experience discomfort.
  2. Not being sedated allowed me the ability to explain what was occurring during the procedure and show that patient privacy is always respected
  3. Promote AWARENESS. I’m willing to forego a little embarrassment if it can help even one person become more aware of how to prevent colon cancer.

Why is Colonoscopy the #1 Screening Option

Colonoscopy is the gold standard exam for detecting colon cancer, since it allows your doctor to both detect and remove polyps in the same procedure. Limitations of other screening options are:

  • Greater false positive rates
  • Higher testing frequency. For example, colonoscopy is every 10 years; whereas the Cologuard stool test is every 3 years
  • Inability to remove polyps if detected
  • Does not allow your doctor to have a complete visualization of your colon

NOTE: If you have a positive stool or imaging test, you will need to get a diagnostic colonoscopy. I’m mentioning this since a diagnostic test is different than a screening test and is not covered by insurance. This is one of the topics to discuss with your doctor when deciding which test is best for you.

Dr. Brown’s Prevention Recommendation

Our best chance to beat colon cancer is by detecting it in its’ early stages. I recommend colonoscopy as the best method to screen for colon cancer for the reasons stated previously.

That being said, I’m in favor of increasing the participation rates of those getting screened for this treatable cancer. Ultimately everyone needs to discuss the testing options with their doctor to properly evaluate which screening method is best for them.

Please don’t become a statistic to this cancer and get screened! To learn more about the symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis, and recommended screening guidelines… please visit my colorectal cancer webpage.

2020 Colon Cancer Awareness DFW Events

Whether you have a personal connection to colon cancer or want to help raise awareness… the DFW area has some great events that you can participate in. I’ve provided basic information on each event below along with a link to their website for event details.

National Dress Blue Day

  • Date: Friday, March 6, 2020
  • Event Info: click here
  • Great opportunity to increase awareness at the office or with friends & family!

Colorectal Cancer 5k Walk-A-Thon

  • Date: Saturday, March 14, 2020
  • Location: 1675 Republic Pkwy, Mesquite, TX
  • Event Info: click here

Get Your Rear in Gear

  • Date: Saturday, March 21, 2020
  • Location: Trinity Park – 2201 W 7th St., Fort Worth, TX
  • Event Info: click here

Colorectal Cancer Alliance Undy Run/Walk

*The 2019 Dallas event was in November, so I would expect late Fall for 2020 as well.