As you begin to notice the blue colorectal cancer awareness ribbons this March, I wanted to emphasize that this awareness campaign could be life-saving for yourself or a loved one. When detected in its’ early stages colon cancer has a 90% survival rate. Please get screened!

Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines

For those with no family history of colon cancer, polyps or IBD you will typically begin screening for colon cancer at age 50. African Americans should get their 1st colonoscopy beginning at age 45. However, if you experience digestive symptoms like rectal bleeding your doctor may use colonoscopy to ensure the cause is not a larger medical issue.

The American Cancer Society made news in 2018 by updating their recommended colorectal screening for average-risk adults by lowering from 50 to now starting at 45 years of age. The reason for lowering the starting age is the increased incidence of younger adults developing colon cancer. While this change has not been universally accepted, it will be something we need to pay attention to in the upcoming years.

“If you’re 40+ years of age, I would recommend discussing when you should start being screened for colorectal cancer with your doctor.”
-Kenneth Brown, MD

Colonoscopy – It’s not Difficult

Colonoscopy is often labeled as being difficult or even painful. The truth is that it is an easy & painless procedure that takes about 30 minutes. To back up my statement I created a video of my own colonoscopy to show that it really is easy, safe and painless. I’m awake during my procedure for purposes of the video, but patients will be asleep due to anesthesia.

If you have apprehension about the prep, I encourage you to watch my colonoscopy prep video to get tips on how to prepare & make prep solution easier to drink.

TIP: Doing a good job with your prep gives your gastroenterologist in Plano TX the best opportunity to find polyps should they exist.

[arve url=”” align=”center” thumbnail=”3556″ title=”View Dr. Brown’s Colonoscopy Video” description=”Kenneth Brown, MD shows how colonoscopy is an easy procedure by documenting his own un-sedated colonoscopy” /]

Colon Cancer Risk Factors You CAN Control

Preventative medicine is something I often discuss with my patients. Regarding colon cancer, there are lifestyle, dietary & preventative screenings that will greatly reduce our risk. The list below of risk factors are things we can all control to lower our risk of colon cancer.

• Cigarette Smoking
• Alcohol
• Obesity
• Active Lifestyle
• Diet
• Polyp Removal

TIP: Discuss this list of risk factors with your doctor to see if they can make specific recommendations based on your medical history and lifestyle choices.

Colon Cancer Awareness Events DFW 2019

Whether you have a personal connection to colon cancer or want to help raise awareness… the DFW area has some great events that you can participate in. I’ve provided basic information on each event below along with a link to their website for event details.

Get Your Rear in Gear
• Date: Saturday, March 2, 2019
• Location: Trinity Park – 2201 W 7th St., Fort Worth, TX
• Event Info: click here

Colorectal Cancer 5k Walk-A-Thon
• Date: Saturday, March 9, 2019
• Location: 1675 Republic Pkwy Mesquite, TX
• Event Info: click here

Colorectal Cancer Alliance Undy Run/Walk
• Date: TBD*
• Location: TBD
• Event Info: click here
*The 2018 event was in November, so we would expect late fall for 2019 as well.

National Dress Blue Day
• Date: Friday, March 1, 2019
• Event Info: click here
• My staff and I will be participating and posting pictures on Facebook & Instagram

Thank you for your interest in promoting the awareness that colorectal cancer is very treatable when detected in early stages.